Spring Break Camp Cancelled

With the cancellation of schools and gatherings statewide due to the coronavirus, Grace Institute must also cancel Spring Break Camp which was set for March 23-25, 2020. All tuition paid will be refunded for the canceled camp. We will miss you all, but our focus now must be on […]

The Art of Recycling Festival!

Sunday, November 17, 2019 — 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm PLEASE JOIN Grace Institute and Grace Art Camp for an America Recycles Day celebration featuring a puppet show, music played on instruments made from recycled objects, and up-cycled art projects, all led by multi-talented Grace Institute artists! NEW THIS YEAR recycling […]

Neighborhood Block Party!

Come join us for music, food and fun…at the Grace Neighborhood Block Party! Saturday, September 21, from 2 – 6 pm Grace Memorial Episcopal Churchat NE 16th and NE Weidler Grace Art Camp Families are invited for hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, a bouncy castle and more! Live […]

The Denouement of Week 7

Bonswa! Amid passionate owl dancing each morning and delicious stories of growing  up in Haiti shared by Elsy Dinvil, GAC’s Cultural Guest Artist this summer,  we have been having an enthusiastic and FANTASTIC time together.

Orevwa Week 6

Last Friday’s fun-filled farewell was a fantastic success thanks to all the friends and families who attended the “Kanaval” parade and participated in the mini live GAC podcast! To view week 6’s Animation Studio videos, listen to GAC Radio, and view images of camp: https://vimeo.com/graceartcamp  – to view […]

Orevwa Week 4

Bonjou and Orevwa, but first check out this week’s GACimation video! While this week did not feature a Podcast Studio, tune in to listen to the GAC RADIO podcast on i-tunes, Spotify or other platforms to hear what campers are saying and singng about! We are also overjoyed to announce […]

Glimpses of Week 4!

Bonjou! We are having a joy-filled and happy midsummer week together so far. On Monday many campers didn’t know Haiti existed. Now everyone knows that Haiti shares an island with another country and residents eat plantains at least seven different ways, catch rides in colorfully designed tap-taps on […]

Bonjou and Byenveni!

We are all very excited to be learning about Haiti this summer. Already campers have shared so many interesting things they did not know before this week. Haiti is an island. Haiti shares it with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is only a 2-hour flight from Miami! That Haiti […]

Orevwa Week 2!

Week 2 ended with a beautiful farewell on Friday thanks to all the friends and families who attended the “Kanaval” parade and participated in our first mini live GAC podcast! As promised here are two links to lead you to GACimation and the GAC Radio: GACimation: https://vimeo.com/347950217 GAC […]

Cooking Day – Week 2

Bonjou! Every week of Art Camp is special – a new set of campers, a different assortment of staff – and always a fresh week for a new community to emerge amidst friends reconnecting and new ones being made! Today was filled with Elsy Dinvil, Art Camp’s Guest […]

Week 2 Welcome!

Krik? the Haitian storyteller calls out when they have a story to tell. Krak! the audience responds if they want the storyteller to begin. Every Week of Art Camp is special – a new set of campers and a different assortment of staff – always a fresh week […]

Week 1

Bonjou! Campers and staff all are back in the groove! To honor this week’s camp community we have created together through art, story, and song, we will celebrate with our Kanaval Parade tomorrow!

Week 1: Krik?

Krak! This week we kicked off Grace Art Camp’s 23rd summer! Week 1 is always a bit like getting back on a bicycle – it always comes back to ya! We shook the cobwebs off the ‘ole Grace Art Camp Song, sang the Four R’s of  Community, and […]

Haitian Kreole

Before French colonists arrived on the island of Hispaniola in the 17th century, Taino was the main language of “Aiti” as well as the rest of the Caribbean Islands.  Haitian Creole emerged during the Atlantic slave trade in Haiti. Creole is largely based on French with influences from Portuguese, […]

Are there really blue tigers in Haiti?

Well . . .there are! “Haitian jungle paintings” originated from the Centre d’Art d’Haïti, an arts movement founded in 1944 known for artists who practiced “la peinture naïve.” Artwork from Centre d’Art d’Haïti of is full of vivid colors, imaginative composition, and whimsy, often depicting imaginary jungles. Why […]

Dèyè mòn gen mòn

Beyond mountains, more mountains. Haitians use this poetic phrase in two ways: to say that there’s no end to obstacles, and also that there’s no end to opportunities. That pretty much sums up a mountain! Beaches, waterfalls, cloud forests, and pine tree-capped mountains used to abound in Haiti. […]

Piti piti, zwazo fè nich

Little by little, the bird builds its nest. Like most great proverbs, this Haitian proverb transcends time and humanity. Originally a french proverb that infused itself into Haitian culture, this concept rings true zoologically as well! Every culture stops and watches the bird . . . could this […]