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MAKE PRINTS USING ALMOST ANYTHING ….  Do you have a ‘junk drawer’? Too many fern fronds?  Mystery keys?  Bubble wrap?  Interestingly-shaped items you can’t bear to part with?  In this week’s episode, Artist Paula Benjaminson offers a mini-class showing you how to make art with items that have cool shapes and textures — things you can find around the house. It’s low fuss with amazing results.

Video and Sound Design by Orie Weeks

Paula Benjaminson has taught Printmaking, Fibre Arts, Bookmaking and Paper Arts at Grace Art Camp since 2014.  An avid quilter and maker, she was most recently president of the Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, and exploring the art of ice-dying fabric. She describes herself as “a former diplomat who’s crossed over into the world of fiber art.”  Her posting in Namibia introduced her to the hand-carved wood printing blocks of Oshiwa designs, and she specialized in making textile art pieces with her hand-stamped fabrics for many years. Paula particularly loves teaching classes in fabric stamping (using those same stamps!). She also taught a variety of other quilting classes in Belgium, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Canada, Gabon, Kenya, and the US.

We all are still sad about not being able to have Grace Art Camp this summer and not seeing our favorite artists, so we are busy creating weekly gifts for you!  We call them “Bright Spots” – short videos led by Grace Art Camp artists to inspire creative fun for you and your families. Look for a new episode each Wednesday through late August.

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