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GET STARTED WITH STOP MOTION ANIMATION…. Let Robert Randall and Kelly Campbell inspire your next artistic adventure as they introduce you to stop motion animation.  Even if you have never attended one of Robert’s stop motion studios at Grace Art Camp, Episode 8 of Bright Spots can get you started with animation at home.  Go ahead! Create your own epic film with paper cut-outs, figures/shapes made from non-hardening clay, rocks and pine-cones, or whatever inspires you…. 

Things you will need:

  • IPad or Smart Phone with Stop Motion Studio installed. (This basic app is free and has a tutorial.) 
  • Clamp and Tripod or stable set up 
  • A good light source 
  • Colored paper, tape, felt pens for background and detail 
  • Objects to animate… Be creative!

Video by Robert Randall 
Animations by Kelly Campbell and Robert Randall 
Titles by Orie Weeks

For more inspiration go to the GACimation page on our website.

Robert Randall is a versatile artist, video-maker, instrument-maker and “creator of things fine and semi-fine.” He has been helping kids and semi-kids make their imaginations come to life for over a decade. At Grace Art Camps he has told stories and taught theatre, leads the popular GACimation studio, taught baking (his pies are legendary), and plays in the band!  Most years he works with hundreds of students in residency programs all over Oregon and Washington.  He is known to break out in sudden bursts of frantic congratulations and engages in regular (and semi-extravagant) high-fives.  You can see more about Robert’s creative range on his website.

Kelly Campbell has been working with Grace Art Camp since 2010. They are a teaching artist, puppeteer, podcaster, and (brand new!) stop motion animator! Kelly has performed and taught puppet classes throughout the Pacific Northwest for the last 12 years with Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre and their own company, KCPuppetree. Kelly is currently working toward a master’s degree in teaching and will be soon found in a classroom near you!  Check out Kelly’s website for more information.

We all miss camp and are still disappointed about not being able to have Grace Art Camp this summer, so we are busy creating weekly gifts for you!  We call them “Bright Spots” – short videos led by Grace Art Camp artists to inspire creative fun for you and your families. Look for a new episode each Wednesday through late August. 

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