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Announcing Stories from India, with an additional mini camp mid-August. Dates and stories are listed below, registration opens March 1st at 8:00 am.

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Registration is for ONE SESSION per camper, either a full week or a mini camp.

Camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm each day.

Session Dates and Stories

Week 1:  June 19 – 23 · Tales of Savitri and Durga

In two exciting stories of Hindu deities, we hear of Durga and Savitri.  Each has a very strong gift.  Born with a thousand arms, the mighty Durga is destined to save the world from ignorance and hatred. Next, Savitri is blessed with a mantra, and is able to speak with Yama, the deity who accompanies Hindus into their next life.

Week 2: June 26 – 30 · Bhasmasura the Ash Demon; The Waterbearer

Meet the mighty deity Shiva and spouse Parvati, who rule from Mount Khailash! When the greedy Bhasmasura decides he wants some of Shiva’s power, the chaos begins… Is Bhasmasura strong enough to defeat Shiva and Parvati? This week ends with a delightful folktale about embracing one’s own unique qualities.

Mini Camp: July 5 – 7 (W-F) · Munna and the Grain of Rice

This story invites STEM to Grace Art Camp, and it means we have a great story.  Munna is the kind and clever daughter of the elephant keeper.  When her kindness is rewarded, she must use riddles and math to outwit the greedy raja and feed the hungry kingdom.

Week 3: July 10 – 14 · The Tale of Prince Sabar

This story about destiny sends us to lands real and imagined.  We meet the exiled and misunderstood seventh daughter of the proud ruling sultan. There is a begrudged gift, a magic fan, talking birds, and even a real prince. Then it gets complicated… She does have six jealous sisters, and they are up to no good!

Week 4: July 17 – 21 · Epic Tales from the Mahabharata and the Puranas

This week brings us exciting, adventurous, and inspiring stories of the deities Savitri and Durga from ancient Hindu texts. Both deities have strong gifts. Durga is born with a thousand arms, and she is destined to save the world from ignorance and hatred. Savitri is blessed with a mantra – a special song – so she can converse with Yama, the deity who accompanies Hindus into their next life.

Week 5: July 24 – 28 · The Stonecutter; The Dove’s Egg

This session features “Stories in the Round”!  These are stories that end where they began. First, a poor stonecutter is dissatisfied with his life and longs for something more, so he sets out on a bold adventure of self-discovery.  In the next story, a heartbroken dove seeks help from the people and animals of the village to retrieve her stolen egg. 

Week 6: July 31 – August 4 · Anklet for a Princess

This familiar 1000-year-old tale features Godfather Snake and a Crown Prince – but no glass slipper. There is even a dance on the ninth night of the Navaratri Festival, when the people light the lamp to honor the deity, Durga. All Cinduri really wants is to attend the celebration…

Week 7: August 7 – 11 · Prince Sabar and the Sultan’s Seventh Daughter

The Seventh Daughter is brilliant, clever, and, sadly, misjudged by her father the sultan, who sends her into exile. Staying true to herself, she finds her way, and is delighted by a surprise visitor, the Prince Sabar. Unfortunately, those six jealous sisters are up to no good.  Is she brave enough to find her own kismet?

Mini Camp: August 14 – 16 (M-W) · Savitri’s Mantra

This ancient story comes from the Mahabharata, one of the two great Hindu epics. In order to save her husband, Savitri, must beseech the intimidating Yama. Fortunately, Savitri is blessed with a mantra that allows her to converse with Yama, the deity who accompanies Hindus into their next life.

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