BE PART OF THE WHEREVER I GO, I’M AGLOW SNAIL MAIL MURAL FROM HOME! Don’t be a lamp…. Let’s have fun making art together even if we can’t be together. All Campers, Counselors, CITs and Artists are invited to help create our new collaborative mural. Designed by Artists Ashley Klump and Kristin Koop, with help from Paula Benjaminson, this mural celebrates the creative glow we each have — it connects us all, wherever we go. 

There are only 81 mural pieces available, so send us an email today!  Simply request your mural packet by emailing graceinstitute@grace-institute.org — use the word mural in the subject line. Please request your mural packet ASAP.  Include each participant’s name and full mailing address in the body of the email.  We will snail mail you a packet of one of Ashley’s original illustrations, for you to finish at home. Your packet will also include a stamped return envelope to mail your artwork back to Grace Art Camp.  Plan to return your artwork before August 5. 

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn part of the whole mural, so your participation is important!  Use whatever media you prefer and make it your own.   

We are planning to put the mural pieces together in early August, and we will make a time-lapse video of that process so you can watch the final mural take shape.  Our Wherever I Go, I’m Aglow Mural will hang at Grace.  It will be wonderful to have this special Grace Art Camp-themed art displayed as we get ready for our Twenty-fifth Anniversary in 2022! 

For questions email us at graceinstitute@grace-institute.org  and use the word mural in the subject line. 

… Be aglow… even at home!