We are a community of creative and collaborative people encompassing a range of ages, artistic expressions, and global interests.  Grace Art Camp is dedicated to encouraging awareness of the world through art, culture, and story in a joyful and process-oriented environment.

Each summer, over 115 experienced staff members and volunteers of many ages and  backgrounds contribute to the overall success of Grace Art Camp by fostering an inviting and encouraging environment for children ages 4 1/2 – 12 years old. Positions range from Studio Artists and Camp Counselors to Counselors-in-Training, Volunteers and day-to-day operational and administrative support. If you are interested in volunteering, click here!


We will begin the hiring process for seasonal summer positions starting in mid-January. If you’re interested in working this summer, please be sure to read the descriptions of camp roles below.  These positions are held from late June to mid-August. Assignments are based on expected weekly enrollment and are subject to change at the discretion of Grace Institute.

General Qualifications:

  • Attend the required Grace Art Camp Orientation on Saturday morning, June 18, 2022.
  • Available to work at least 2 consecutive weeks.
  • Because camp is organized into weekly sessions, attendance for the full week assigned is required unless special permission is granted ahead of time. Please include in your application possible conflicts with the camp schedule.
  • Have experience caring for younger children, and passion in one or more artistic areas of interest via high school or through other lessons or curriculum.
  • Communicate directly with Grace Institute hiring staff during the application, training, assignment, and performance process.
  • Are 16 years of age and older and authorize a background check.


Professional Artistic Staff

Studio Artists are professional working artists who enjoy and are comfortable sharing their artistic and technical skills with children, ages 5 -12.  Studio Artists are flexible, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and able to think on their feet while working with a large mixed aged group of kids at any one time.  Studio Artists have a keen ability and interest in global cultural awareness as well as synthesizing one’s own creative process and sharing this with others, as well as providing mentoring for our younger developing leaders.  Studio Artists must be comfortable leading, be diplomatic, possess excellent communication skills, and present a welcoming presence to all campers, counselors, and fellow staff members. They are paid a salary rate determined by Grace Institute. Click here for full Job Description.

Grace Art Camp Art Studios have included Animation Arts, Ceramics & Sculpture, Collage, Drawing & Illustration, Fibre & Textile Arts, Fused & Mosaic Glass, Music & Dance, Paper & Book Arts, Printmaking, Theatre, T-Shirt Design, and more depending on what individual artists may bring of their own skills, culturally-specific art processes, and areas of expertise.

Storytellers help set the tone each day during morning assemblies through the sharing of the week’s story–alongside the daily ritual of singing songs. Storytellers may have other artistic areas of interest and sometimes lead a studio during the week. Storytellers are paid a salary rate determined by Grace Institute. “The role of the storyteller is to awaken the storyteller in others.”   –Jack Zipes

Guest Artists & Guest Artists-in-Residence are an essential part creating the camp community and sharing of their expertise and knowledge of the summer’s cultural focus. Guest artists integrate into the life of camp on a regular once-a-week basis by performing or share a presentation for the entire camp and/or a particular studio. Sometimes Guest Artists-in-Residence will lead 4-5 day studios throughout the whole summer.  These positions are often sponsored in part through community grants or fundraising and are paid a salary rate determined by Grace Institute.

For more information about the above positions please contact the Camp Director Sharon Loomis-Malin via e-mail at sharonlm@grace-institute.org or call 503.331.8155 x 101. Thank you for your interest in working at Grace Art Camp!

Counselors and Leadership Support Staff

Grace Art Camp’s Counselor Leadership Program is designed to offer high school and college students opportunities in a collaborative community, building leadership skills in working with younger children and the arts. Successful counselors are energetic, enthusiastic, and willing to learn and contribute to the community. They are paid an hourly rate determined by current minimum wage and incrementally increases with experience.

Please read the position descriptions before downloading the application located at the bottom of the page. Applications received after the March 1st deadline (March 15th for CITs) are kept on file for consideration as staffing needs may arise.

Counselors-in-Training (CITs) are volunteers at camp that help guide campers and provide a welcoming atmosphere. Many of the counselors begin as counselors-in-training and are vital to the ongoing training and development of our youth counselor program.  To read more about the CIT program and application process please click HERE.

Color Counselors work in teams of 2-3 counselors/CITs and are assigned to a “color group cohort” consisting of 12 campers of a particular age range. This position allows counselors to form a rapport with the campers in their groups; they are with their color group during drop-off, pick-up, assemblies, and studio rotations. During studio time color counselors will support their group in the specific studio rotation. Stable, small cohorts of campers and staff were key to 2021.

The youngest color group is the Orange group (also called POD). This group is unique because it has a homeroom and different schedule than the other color groups. Counselors and CITs who wish to work with the Orange group should have a desire to work with very young children and possess good techniques for working with 4-5 year olds.

Studio Counselors are assigned to a specific art studio that they work in all week and provide campers with a bridge between the individual studio and the rest of camp. They have previously worked with and are skilled in the medium of their studio. A Studio Counselor’s primary function is to assist the artist leading the studio including prepping materials, helping campers during studio time, and keeping the studio tidy.

Extended Hours Counselors monitor and engage with campers who stay after once the camp day ends. Extended Hours counselors typically work Monday-Friday from 2:30 until around 6:00pm. For counselors who wish to work extended hours in addition to a regular week at camp, hours are 3:00 to around 5:30pm.

Security Counselors (ages 18+) are the face of camp, possessing great energy, enthusiasm, related experience, and the ability to engage positively with children and families. Security counselors ensure the safety of campers and the campus facilities, lead and monitor camper recess. This includes ensuring that the camp premises are free of any disturbances, nuisances, or hazardous materials on an ongoing basis; readying the campus each morning and closing the campus down each afternoon. Security counselors possess the ability to be firm and diplomatic with strangers who approach the campus before, during, and after camp hours. Hours run between 38-40 hours per week and may encompass all weeks of camp.

Administrative Assistant works closely with the Registrar and Operations Manager to make sure the “behind the scenes” side of camp is running smoothly. Jobs assigned to the admin assistant often include copying, making name buttons, data entry, typing, and other tasks related to the daily and weekly organization of camp. The admin assistant usually work up to nine weeks including the weeks before and after camp.

Camp Photographer/Social Media Specialist is responsible for documenting the happenings of camp with beautiful and unique photos. The camp photographer also helps with social media posts and other camp duties depending on their skillset and the needs of camp. This position is filled by someone who is a skilled photographer and editor, owns their own camera, and has previously worked with Lightroom. The camp photographer typically works half-days.  If interested in this position, please submit a counselor application as well as a portfolio of your work.

Assistant Studio Artist (ASA) is an experienced artist assistant in a studio or medium in which they have previous work experience. The ASA positions are generally only needed in the Glass, Ceramics or Fibre Arts studios. Please indicate on your application or highlight your resume the qualifications that directly relate to this unique position.

A note on Senior and Junior counselor placement:
Senior counselors (ages 17+) are generally college students who possess strong leadership and mentoring capabilities, and who go above and beyond the needs of camp. Senior counselors are selected based on demonstrated experience and skill, as well as past performance evaluations. Senior counselors are usually selected to work 4-7 weeks of camp. Junior counselors (ages 16-18) usually work between 2-5 weeks depending on level of experience, past performance evaluations, and camp needs. The starting pay for junior counselors is current minimum wage and goes up with experience for senior counselors and beyond.

Statement of Non-Discrimination
Grace Institute does not discriminate in its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, socioeconomic status, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, military or veteran status, and any other marginalized characteristics protected under applicable federal, state or local law.