Cooking Day – Week 2

Bonjou! Every week of Art Camp is special – a new set of campers, a different assortment of staff – and always a fresh week for a new community to emerge amidst friends reconnecting and new ones being made! Today was filled with Elsy Dinvil, Art Camp’s Guest […]

Week 2 Welcome!

Krik? the Haitian storyteller calls out when they have a story to tell. Krak! the audience responds if they want the storyteller to begin. Every Week of Art Camp is special – a new set of campers and a different assortment of staff – always a fresh week […]

Week 1

Bonjou! Campers and staff all are back in the groove! To honor this week’s camp community we have created together through art, story, and song, we will celebrate with our Kanaval Parade tomorrow!

Week 1: Krik?

Krak! This week we kicked off Grace Art Camp’s 23rd summer! Week 1 is always a bit like getting back on a bicycle – it always comes back to ya! We shook the cobwebs off the ‘ole Grace Art Camp Song, sang the Four R’s of  Community, and […]