Week 3 along the Silk Road

Art Camp started in a whirl  with a surprise magic carpet ride that landed us in Bukhara. Accompanied by the trusty Bactrian camel, Pistachio, we explored stories, melodies, and art found in the multi-layers of history along the ancient trade routes known as The Silk Road. We learned […]

Week 2 wrap-up!

Aldar-Kose and Shigai-Bai The week’s story, exquisitely retold by local storyteller Will Hornyak – who left us full hearted and satisfied and generous – can be read or downloaded with the above link. As Week 2 comes to an end and we are indeed “champs” as the song […]

Salom Week 2

Over the past three days art campers have learned that “salom” is one way to say “hi” (and goodbye) throughout Central Asia as well as many other places in the world!! No matter how this word is spelled or pronounced,  we understand this greeting as a universal acknowledgement […]

Khodahafez Week 1!

It was a great first week of “being happy, laughing, and being grateful for the life” at camp, reconnecting and making new connections with one another! Here are the animations and a few peeks at Friday’s activities. . .as well as a link to our Instagram!     […]

Week 1 – The Journey Begins

Salom! This week campers have learned that “salom” is one way to say “hi” along the many trades routes through out Central Asia. No matter how this word is spelled or the particular language the spelling and sounds are from, everyone understands its meaning – connection! Art Camp […]

Springful Joy Recap!

This past Spring Break Camp we embraced The Empty Pot (a Chinese fairy tale), the Spring Equinox, and all its joy from lengthening days of light to seeds sprouting into all kinds of lovely and joyous communities. Animating stories, songs, movement, mindfulness practice, and wishing strips for The Coat of […]


BLOSSOM WITH CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, & JOY! Celebrate the renewal of the earth this spring with a story about growth and integrity  known in China as “The Empty Pot.” Art projects using up-cycled materials for projects in fibre arts, ceramics, theatre & storytelling, and visual arts will grow and […]


Did you know that “salom” is an informal way of saying “hi” in Uzbekistan? That the word “stan” is a Persian suffix meaning “land of”?  Or that the first trade routes that became part of what we know today as “The Silk Road” originated hundreds of years ago in […]


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”   – Thich Nhat Hanh SHARING COMPASSION WITH COMMUNITY Universal stories of compassion in action lead the way into welcoming, discovering, and celebrating the many ways we can cultivate peace and loving kindness, individually and together. Alongside […]