Bright Spots


GRACE ART CAMP! GRACE ART CAMP!  GIMME A…  Do you know the lyrics?  Do you remember the hand motions?  Returning camper or new, this week’s episode gives you a chance to relearn the words or practice the motions of our very own camp song — with music and lyrics by David Hall.  Extra special thanks to Robert Randall (creative lead), Mike Van Liew, and Kailee McMurran for their creative collaboration: singing, playing and performing the motions in this distanced version! If you already know them, join our artists, counselors and staff to sing out and dance.  This will keep the magic of Grace Art Camp alive in your hearts until next summer!

Video Creation and Music Collaboration by Robert Randall

Speaking of words to our song – remember that bit about not being a lamp? Don’t be a lamp but do remember to sign up for the ‘Wherever I go, I’m Aglow’ Snail Mail Mural  and you, too, can be aglow!  Spoiler alert:  lamps may be included.  Request your mural packet today at 
Limited mural pieces available, so send us an email today!  Simply request your mural packet by emailing — use the word mural in the subject line. Please request your mural ASAP.  Include each participant’s name and full mailing address in the email. We will snail mail you one of Ashley Klump’s original illustrations, for you to enhance at home. Your packet will also include a stamped return envelope to mail your artwork back to Grace Art Camp.  Please return your artwork before August 5. 
We all are still sad about not being able to have Grace Art Camp this summer and not singing our song, so we are busy creating weekly gifts for you!  We call them “Bright Spots” – short videos led by Grace Art Camp artists to inspire fun and creativity for you and your families. Look for a new episode each Wednesday through late August. 

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