Who We Are

“Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”  ― angel Kyodo williams


Established in 1995, Grace Institute is a secular organization nurtured from a long-term commitment by Grace Memorial Episcopal Church to meet the community’s needs for arts education and urban livability.  Individually incorporated in 2005, Grace Institute continues to look for ways to full-fill its mission in an ever changing world. For a glimpse into Art Camp’s history, see The Oregonian’s 2011 article, Portland’s Grace Art Camp, a Secular Project with Sacred Roots, honoring Art Camp’s 15th anniversary. For more about Grace Institute’s history, click here.


A world where every human practices engages with their creative self.


Grace Institute nurtures the human spirit through the arts, fostering intercultural appreciation and understanding in an open and inclusive community.

Annual Reports