“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” ― Maya Angelou

If you need our non-profit information our TAX EXEMPT ID# is 20-0529892


Holding Grace Art Camps safely for all is our top priority — for both Spring Break Camp and Grace Art Camp this summer. We will have continual air movement with virus level (MERV13) air filtration throughout the campus. All windows will be open and constant cleaning will be deployed. We will encourage and promote mask wearing by all (we have lots of fabulous 3-ply & KN95 masks in all sizes), mindful & frequent hand washing, and some activities will be outdoor-only. Split lunch rotation (outdoor as much as possible), and more are in the works.

We closely monitor recommendations from the CDC, OHA, ODE and American Camp Association, paying special attention to guidelines for camps and schools. Grace Institute is fortunate to have the oversight of a Portland Community College safety compliance officer, who assists in implementing complex health department rules into best practices to ensure the safest possible environment for our campers and staff. In addition, we continually consult with current elementary school teachers, OHSU medical staff, and other healthcare professionals. Our year-round, seasonal and volunteer staff are all fully vaccinated for a safe, joyful, and creative experiences!
Revised June 24, 2022

If Your Camper Tests Positive for COVID or is Exposed

If your camper tests positive on or before the first day of your week, please do not send them to camp. In general, any camper who is sick should stay home. Contact us as soon as possible, and we may be able to find a later week of camp with a hint of wiggle room for your camper to attend.

For campers who have been exposed at home, we are following a similar PPS policy.  We will allow campers to attend even though they have a family member with COVID who is able to isolate in their households — as long as they have daily negative tests and no symptoms. We are promoting and encouraging mask wearing for everyone at camp out of respect for those in our community who are still vulnerable.

Information for Parents/Guardians


For 2022, Grace Art Camp will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC, OHA and the American Camp Association.  These are highlights of our extensive plans successfully used last year.

  • Masks (over nose and mouth) are promoted and encouraged for everyone except when eating or drinking.
  • Indoor studios will be safely distanced with constant ventilation, MERV13 filtration throughout and virus-level air purifiers.
  • Free-standing, touchless sanitizer stations will be located throughout the campus. Soap and towels dispensers are now all touchless.
  • Lunch/recess will be split to allow activities to maintain safe distancing.
  • Campers will each have “mobile cubbies” that will travel with them throughout the day.  Campers should only bring a lunch, water bottle and jacket (layers will be needed).  Please, no backpacks – they will not fit.


Camp is located at 1535 NE 17th Avenue.

  • Parking is available on-street and at parking lots located near Lloyd Center.  Campers will be signed-in in the parking lot at the corner of NE 16th Avenue and Weidler. Very limited parking will be available onsite .
  • Remember your ID for checkout.
  • Sign-in at your camper’s color-designated table/s beginning at 8:40 am
  • Campers will meet their color counselors at the sign-in table.  Counselors will help campers find their mobile cubbies and escort them to their assigned assembly spots.
  • Parents/Guardians or other family members are not allowed inside or into any of the studio areas.  (Parents/Guardians wishing to enjoy the music and hear the story may form a distanced circle around the Assembly.)
  • For security reasons, one designated adult listed in your registration materials must sign-in and sign-out each camper. Each camper must be signed out before she or he will be allowed to leave the color group and that person must show either ID.
  • If you need to update your drop-off or pick-up information, you must bring a signed note or email us. We cannot guarantee we will receive a last-minute phone message in the morning before camp.

Extended hours are available from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm for both Spring Break Camp and Grace Art Camp .  If you need Extended Hours and have not signed up, please contact Registrar Mariann Koop-McMahon at 503-331-8155 x102 at


  • CLOSED TOED-SHOES for safety in the studio and at recess. “Crocs” or similar plastic clogs/sandals are not recommended. Recess takes place outdoors on asphalt.
  • LUNCH – bring a NUT-FREE lunch. Please DO NOT include nuts of any kind – including peanuts, nut butters, almond milk, granola/candy bars with nuts, etc.  Campers and staff with life-threatening nut allergies attend camp every week.  An insulated lunch box is highly recommended.
  • SNACK is provided mid-morning – if your child has any food allergies at all, please send a healthy snack from home as we are unable to provide strict allergy-free snacks.
  • WATER BOTTLE with your child’s name on it; additional water is always available.
  • Campers have ASSIGNED MOBILE CUBBIES this year to store a lunch, water bottle, and jacket.  We cannot accommodate backpacks or booster seats this year.


We have always considered “extenuating circumstances” in awarding scholarships, and any consequences affecting our Grace Art Camp families due to the pandemic and economic downturn will be given serious consideration.  Our Business Manager, Annie Rimmer-Weeks, can help you make that switch — contact her at  For more information about scholarships please go to our Scholarship page here.


Rates for one week of camp in 2022 is $385. We are committed to providing the camp opportunity to everyone who would like to attend. We offer full and partial scholarships to families based upon financial need. Qualifying recipients’ income is under 3 times the Federal Poverty level. For 2022, this amount is less than $79,500 per year for a family of four. For more information about how you can financially support Grace Art Camp and Grace Institute, click here. We appreciate your generosity!

Cancellation and Refund Policy 2022 – If parents/guardians need to cancel their camp session/s, a full tuition refund, minus a $30 administration fee, can be made if parents/guardians notify Grace Art Camp on or before May 20, 2022.  We are sorry, we cannot make refunds after May 20, for individual days not attended, or for an officially ordered closure of any kind.  In the unlikely case of an ordered closure, we can offer a full donation tax receipt. Thank you for your understanding.


Grace Art Camp strives to offer many different ways to develop our campers’ creativity — many projects are intentionally process-oriented. Creativity is something wonderful that happens unexpectedly and, you recognize it when it happens. Most of the time, it’s important not to have a predetermined outcome. Getting too tied up in producing a product can stifle the creative process. Creativity should not be rated, graded or valued by product. We believe that everyone is artistic.


During Grace Art Camps, campers collectively produce many pieces of unique art!  Camp staff, and campers themselves, work very hard to keep every piece of art labeled with your child’s name and color group. Some of this art does not get picked up due to unplanned absences or simply gets lost-in-the-shuffle. Art that is left behind will be arranged by the week your camper attends, their Color Group, name, and  by “no-name.”

  • If your camper is missing a treasured creation, or has another camper’s art by mistake, please email as soon as possible to set up a time to come in during camp or staff hours.
  • All art work and lost and found items will kept through the Friday after Labor Day after which they will be recycled, reused, or donated.


Please help keep Grace Art Camp a nut free community for the safety of those with severe nut allergies by refraining from sending any kind of nut products to camp with your child. Camp provides all campers nut-free mid-morning snacks: they are not free of other allergens. If your child’s tolerance level is low, we recommend that snacks be sent from home.

Lunchtime is supervised and campers who end up with nut products in their lunches will eat away from assembly areas with a counselor. Children with life-threatening allergies may eat with friends slightly apart from the main group in a “nut-free zone.”


Allergy information concerning campers with specific life-threatening allergies, or other medical needs, along with symptoms and specific treatment recommended by parents, are shared with all staff on a weekly basis.  Several staff members are trained to use epi-pens.  Be sure to include all vital information on your camper’s registration form and email us to set up a phone conversation in special situations. You are welcome to discuss specific medical needs and meet with the Camp Director or the Registrar before your child’s week at camp begins.


Grace Institute is a secular organization, and its Grace Art Camps and Classes do not contain religious teaching. Occasionally mention of religion in a historical or cultural context is appropriate. Grace Art Camp was founded upon the basic values of respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and receptivity. In showing kindness to others and in building community, we acknowledge our differences while celebrating all of those things we share through stories and the creative process.

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