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COME AND LISTEN TO A STORY ABOUT TWO GOATS…!  This week’s episode is a story retold by Grace Art Camp Storyteller Alton — a video treat with animation by Orie Weeks. We hope this inspires you to tell more stories about the two goats using the included paper action figures.  

We all are sad about not being able to have Grace Art Camp this summer, so we have a weekly gift for you:  “Bright Spots” – short videos led by our artists to inspire fun and creativity for you and your families. Each Wednesday through late August look for a new episode.

Video and Sound Design by Orie Weeks

Two Goats Paper Action Figures Print Out

Alton Takiyama-Chung, who wonderfully tells two or three stories at Grace Art Camp each summer, is a Japanese-Korean storytellerwho grew up with the superstitions and the magic of the Hawaiian Islands.  He tells stories of Hawaii, of the Japanese-American experience of WWII, and Asian folktales, and has performed at the Timpanogas and the National Storytelling Festivals, and at international storytelling festivals in the Cayman Islands, Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.  He also is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors for National Storytelling Network, the national organization for US storytellers.  You can find out more about Alton at  or 

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