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Week 4: Art Camp on the Silk Road

WK4 da1 TasselsThe journey begins . . . today art campers have learned that “salom” is one way to say “hi” in Uzbekistan as well as well as many other places in the world!! No matter how this word is spelled or pronounced or the particular language a variation of it is from,  we understand this greeting as a universal acknowledgement of one another – it translates literally into  “peace”  or “the absence of conflict” .

Camp whirled into a surprise magic carpet ride sweeping us alongside storytellers, Robert and Kelly, all the way to Bukhara. Accompanied by a trusty guide and Bactrian camel, Pistachio, we traveled some ancient trade routes making up the heart of The Silk Road. For thousands of years these trade routes aided in the eventual global exchange of material goods, spices, foods, stories, religion, architecture, language, and all other forms of creative endeavors.  Many elements found in Central Asian cultures from language, religion, food, and art are from other parts of the world, and vice versa – in the same way that peoples’ lives today in the United  States are infused with elements from cultures all over the world, and vice versa!

Today, color groups “caravanned” through camp to sample studios – Dance & Music, Theatre, Visual Arts (one line figure drawing), Fibre Arts (tassel making), Glass (copper embossed pendants), and Ceramics (individually designed clay trading coins).

Tomorrow, campers will choose two daily studios, begin this week’s story, The Dev and his 40 Children, and continue to learn the Persian song we all learned today that translates as “I’m happy and I’m laughing and I’m grateful for the life . . .!” Thank you, Marjan Anvari, for sharing this song from your childhood with us! Marjan is this summer’s Guest Artist-in-Residence who is sharing her passion and expertise for tazhib, calligraphy, and restorative book arts.


(a Persian farewell – as well as in other languages – translated as “may god protect you,” or  “may the universe protect you.”)




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