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Khodahafez Week 3 Families!

The Carpet of Dreams

This week’s story was retold by local storyteller and puppet extraordinaire artist, Kelly Campbell. This week is was lively and elated, receptive and respectful, full of resourceful choices. Looks like being responsible for what we do can be liberating and bring us all closer together. On that note, scroll to the bottom if you are interested in the tidbits and details about what went on in the studios this week (here instead of in the Friday parade program). Be sure to see snippets in action at

Art Camp in Haiti: Haitian Artists at Art Camp

In the spirit of GAC 2018, Colors of the Silk Road, campers joined in supporting a delegation of GI artists to travel to Haiti in August 2019 to collaborate with Haitian artists toward the formation of a summer arts camp for children in the provincial beach town of Pierre Payen, with the hopes that we can also sponsor a artist or two from Haiti to visit Art Camp in Portland.

Grace Institute has a history of this type of work. Please view our slide show of two art camps that took shape in Peru a year after GAC artists and counselors visited with children and artists at Casa Chapi, in Chivay, in 2014. The making of art and telling stories together is universally recognizable!

This Week’s  Detailed Studio Notes

Ceramics & Sculpture
Monday: Ceramic trading coins; Tuesday: Tiles inspired by Persian and Islamic geometric patterns; Wednesday: Chinese-inspired ceramic tea bowls; Thursday: Metal pendants and jewelry; Friday: “World Clay Cup” sculpting challenge.

Fibre Arts
Monday: Fiber skills passport; Tuesday: Toqi hats and woven spice amulets; Wednesday: Felting and fabric making; Thursday: Small woven pocket bags with embellishments, pompoms, and tassels; Friday: Woven magic carpets and embroidered wristbands.

Monday: Trading coins; Tuesday: Central Asian animal tiles and mandala coasters; Wednesday: Glass wall vases; Thursday: 3-dimensional glass characters and glass carpets; Friday: Mosaic Mandala Rocks.

Music & Dance
Monday: Intro to South Asian dance and folk song in Farsi; Tuesday: Dance with zills (hand bells) and percussion ensemble; Wednesday: Whirling dervish dance and percussion ensemble; Thursday: Veil dance and percussion ensemble; Friday: Percussion and dance practice for parade.

Monday: Theatre games and intro; Tuesday: Story development games and “transformation” scenes; Wednesday: Story-driven games and slow-motion movement; Thursday: Unison movement and scene development; Friday: Rehearsal for festival performance and theatre games.

Visual Arts
Monday: Handprint camels; Tuesday: Sculpted puppets and paper hand puppets; Wednesday: Diorama puppet scenes and camel marionettes; Thursday: Shadow puppets and camel masks; Friday: 3-dimensional interactive maps.

Tuesday: Central Asian landscapes with oil pastels and water colors; Wednesday: Horse illustrations; Thursday: Portraits of central Asian animals; Friday: Calligraphy and Persian manuscripts.

Paper Arts
Tuesday: Handmade paper with ring designs; Wednesday: Travel journals; Thursday: Intricate paper mosaics; Friday: Paper beads.

Wednesday: Recycled Styrofoam prints; Thursday: Magic carpet prints; Collagraph prints.

Tuesday: Music and dance, and oil pastel landscapes; Wednesday: Theatre games and Felting; Thursday: Printmaking and camel masks; Friday: Paper mosaics.



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