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Khodahafez Week 4 Campers!

“Somewhere out beyond right and wrong there is a field.  I will meet you there.”  – Rumi

Last week was lively and elated, receptive and respectful, and brimming with resourceful choices – looks like being “responsible for what we do” can be liberating and bring us all closer together.  The Dev and his Forty Children, was the week’s story, retold by local storyteller and puppet extraordinaire artist Kelly Campbell and campers saw an amazing and inspiring section of The Eagle Huntress not to mention the animation studio-made video here:

Week 4’s  Detailed Studio Notes and picture slideshow

Ceramics & Sculpture
Monday: Ceramic trading coins; Tuesday: Tiles inspired by Persian and Islamic geometric patterns; Wednesday: Chinese-inspired ceramic tea bowls; Thursday: Embossed metal pendants and clay bead jewelry; Friday: “World Clay Cup” sculpting challenge.

Fibre Arts
Monday: Tassles ; Tuesday: Toqi hats and soft stuffed camels; Wednesday: Felting and fabric making; Thursday: Ilgich yurt hangings and kepka hats; Friday: Felt yurt rugs and embroidered bags.

Monday: Trading coins; Tuesday: Decorated plates and wall vases; Wednesday: Glass tiles with central Asian animals and mandalas; Thursday: Patterns inspired by rugs and capturing bubbles in woven glass; Friday: Rock mandala mosaics.

Music & Dance
Monday: Intro to South Asian dance and folk song in Farsi; Tuesday: Dance with zills (hand bells) and percussion ensemble; Wednesday: Whirling dervish dance and percussion ensemble; Thursday: Veil dance and percussion ensemble; Friday: Percussion and dance practice for parade.

Monday: Theatre games and intro; Tuesday: Games of place from central Asia; Wednesday: Uzbek-style hand puppets; Thursday: Transformation games and scenes inspired by the camp story; Friday: Rehearsal for festival performance and theatre games.

Visual Arts
Monday: One-line drawings; Tuesday: Magic carpets; Wednesday: Magic boxes from camp story; Thursday: Paper mache swans; Friday: Foil landscapes.

Tuesday: Persian miniatures; Wednesday: Farsi words in calligraphy on mosaic tablets; Thursday: Farsi calligraphy and illumination; Friday: calligraphy based on camp’s cultural song with carved wooden pens.

Book Arts
Tuesday: Pop-up books about pistachio the camp camel; Wednesday: Accordion books with central Asian animal prints; Thursday: Oil pastel and watercolor maps of the Silk Road; Friday: Yurt books and recycled woven memory rugs.

Tuesday: Geometric tile mosaic stories; Wednesday: “Sand-imation;” Thursday “Caravan-imation” stories along the Silk Road; Friday: Post-production and sound effects.

Tuesday: Music and dance, and calligraphy; Wednesday: Camel masks and Felting; Thursday: Printmaking and watercolor swans; Friday Animated flip-ups.

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