Counseling Staff


“Whatever you are, be a good one.”  – Abraham Lincoln

Please read the follow job qualifications and expectations before downloading the application located at the bottom of the page:

  • Attend the required Grace Art Camp Orientation the Friday before the first week of camp in June (June 22, 2018).
  • Maintain a professional and kind approach to working with co-workers, parents, and children.
  • Use self-initiative, problem solving abilities, and enthusiasm in ways that best support the overall cohesiveness of camp.
  • Participate in Friday parade, cleanup of camp, and complete camp/counselor/CIT evaluations and feedback forms.
  • Have experience caring for younger children and some love and passion in one or more artistic areas of interest via their high school or through other lessons.

Note that the majority of CITs and counselors are either color or studio counselors.

Color Counselors are assigned to one of the seven “color groups” that consist of 20-23 campers of a certain age group. Color counselors work in teams of 3-5 counselors/CITs and lead their group together. This position is unique because counselors are able to form close relationships with the campers in their groups. These counselors are with their color group during drop-off, pick-up, assemblies, and Monday studio rotations. During studio time color counselors are assigned to a specific studio where they help campers of all ages with their projects.

The youngest color group is the orange group (also called POD). This group is unique because it has a specific room and different schedule than the other color groups. Counselors and CITs who wish to work with orange should have a desire to work with very young kids and possess good techniques for working with young children.

Studio Counselors are assigned to a specific art studio that they work in all week. They have previously worked with and are skilled in the medium of their studio. Their main function is to assist the artist leading the studio. This often includes prepping materials, helping campers during studio time, and keeping the studio tidy.

Extended Hours Counselors monitor and play with campers who are in after care once the camp day ends. Extended Hours counselors typically work Monday-Friday from 2:30 until around 6:00 or 6:30.

Security Counselors (ages 18+) ensure the safety of campers and the campus facilities. This includes ensuring that the camp premises are free of any disturbances, nuisances, or hazardous materials on an ongoing basis, readying the campus each morning, and closing the campus down each afternoon. Security counselors possess the ability to be firm and diplomatic with strangers who approach the campus before, during, and after camp hours. Security counselors are also responsible for leading and monitoring camper recess which requires great energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to engage positively with children and families. Security counselors work between 35-40 hours per week, and may work up to seven weeks.

Administrative Assistant works closely with the registrar and operations to make sure the “behind the scenes” side of camp is running smoothly. Jobs assigned to the admin assistant often include copying, making name buttons, data entry, typing, and other tasks related to the daily and weekly organization of the camp. The admin assistant can work up to nine weeks including the weeks before and after camp.

The Camp Photographer documents the happenings of camp with unique photos. The camp photographer also helps with other camp duties depending on their skill-set and the needs of camp. This position is filled by someone who is a skilled photographer and editor, owns their own camera, and has previously worked with drop box. The camp photographer typically works half-days.  If you are interested in this position please submit a counselor application as well as a portfolio of your work.

Senior and Junior counselor placement is based on age, experience, and performance.
Senior counselors (ages 17+) are generally college students who go above and beyond for the needs of camp. Senior counselors are selected based on demonstrated experience and skill, as well as past performance evaluations. These counselors are required to work 3-7 weeks of camp.

Junior counselors (ages 16-19) usually work between 2-5 weeks of work depending on level of experience, past performance evaluations, and camp needs.

Counselors-in-Training (CIT) are the youngest members of our team (ages 14-15) who are not old enough to be counselors but are here to gain experience and learn important skills. CITs tend to work as color counselors but can also be assigned to work in specific studios. The vast majority of our counseling staff is made up of people who were once CITs. Please visit the above link for detailed information for parents and CITs.

Counselor/CIT deadline, March 15, 2018

After these dates, we will keep all applications on file to be considered  for additional openings that may fit your level of experience and skill set. Please use the following PDF application and mail it,  email it as a PDF attachment, or drop it by.

Grace Institute is an equal opportunity employer working toward cultivating a set of attitudes, perspectives, behaviors and policies that continuously promote equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural responsiveness.

For more information please contact the Director, Ashley Smith: