Counseling Staff

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”  – Abraham Lincoln

Please read the follow job qualifications and expectations before downloading the application located at the bottom of the page:

  • Attend the required Grace Art Camp Orientation on the Saturday before the first week of camp in June (exact date is on application).
  • Maintain a professional and kind approach to working with co-workers, parents, and children.
  • Use self-initiative, problem solving abilities, and enthusiasm in ways that best support the overall cohesiveness of camp.
  • Participate in Friday parade, cleanup of camp, and complete camp/counselor/CIT evaluations and feedback forms.
  • Have experience caring for younger children and some love and passion in one or more artistic areas of interest via their high school or through other lessons.


The majority of the counselor positions available are as Studio Counselors or Color Counselors.  All counselor roles are peers in the camp. Assignments are made in any of the following roles depending upon experience, need and availability of positions:

Color Counselors are assigned to one of the seven “color groups” consisting of 20-23 campers each in a particular age range. Color Groups are how we manage and organize 172 different kids and their artwork every week. During Drop-off, Pick-up, Monday Studio Rotations, and Assemblies, Color Counselors stay with their color group:

Orange (preschool-K)
Blue (kindergarten)
Red (K-grade 1)
yellow (grades 1 – 2)
Green (grades 2 – 3)
Purple (grades 3 – 4)
Silver (grades 4 – 7)

During studio time, Color Counselors assist staff and campers in assigned studios. Some Color Counselors are specially assigned to the Orange group: this requires particular skills, abilities, and the desire to work with very young children.  Color Counselors are responsible for daily set up and clean up duties of camp and organizing and “bagging” campers’ art each Friday before the Parade! Both Junior and Senior Counselors serve as Color Counselors.

Studio Counselors usually have particular interests or experiences in one or more artistic areas to the extent that they are able to effectively assist an Artist in implementing projects with campers. They assist the Artist in preparation and execution of daily art projects and maintain a clean and well-organized studio space throughout the week on a daily basis and their work is concentrated within normal counselor hours. Both Junior and Senior Counselors may serve as Studio Counselors. 

Security/Recess Counselors (ages 18+) ensure the safety of campers and the campus facilities. This includes ensuring that the interior and exterior of the building and its premises are free of any disturbances, nuisances, or hazardous materials on an ongoing daily basis, readying the campus each morning and closing the campus down each evening. It is very important that Security Counselors:

  • Possess the ability to be firm and diplomatic strangers who approach the campus before, during, and after camp hours.
  • Are on call during camp hours for changing circumstances that might present safety hazards to staff and campers, temporary repairs, or bodily hazards removal.
  • Possess exceptional energy and enthusiasm with regards to setting up and leading recess alongside Color Counselors.
  • Security Counselors are generally expected to work 3 to 7 weeks of camp.

The Photographer Counselor is responsible for documenting weekly camps with unique images and characteristics, and combined with other camp duties depending on the qualifications of the individual and needs of the camp. People interested in this position are asked to submit a counselor application and a portfolio of their work. 3 to 6 weeks of camp are typically assigned.

The Office Staff Counselor assists in a variety of administrative duties before, during, and after camp season.  Duties include equipment set up, form preparation, name buttons, labels, copying, proofreading, data entry, keyboarding, and other tasks related to daily and weekly organization of physical premises, particularly for camp set-up and take-down. Assigned weeks can include 1-2 weeks before camp starts through camp, to one week post-camp. 

Extended Session Counselors support the Grace Art Camp Extended Hours program for campers led by an Artist Assistant or an ASA. Hours are typically Monday-Friday, 2:30 pm to roughly 6 or 6:30 pm, depending on need, throughout the summer. Assigned weeks are generally 2 to 7 weeks of camp.

Senior and Junior Counselor placement is based on age, performance, and experience: Senior Counselors (ages 17+) are generally college students invited to work 3-6 weeks at camp.
Junior Counselors (ages 16-19) are usually receive 2-5 weeks of work during the summer depending upon level of experience, performance evaluations, and camp needs.


Deadline, April 1. After this date, we will keep your application on file to be considered  for unexpected openings that may fit your level of experience and skill set.

For  a broader sense of how each role fits within the larger community, please be sure to check out these other pages:
Counselors-in-Training (CIT)

For more information please contact the Director, Ashley Smith at

Grace Institute is committed to being an open and inclusive community. We accept and support diversity in age, race, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, and creed in all of its activities and operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and termination of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services.