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Over the past three days, art campers have learned a variety of Japanese words, my personal favorite being mukashi banashi, very old stories, one of which we will find out how the two brothers reconcile. Based on the story and a variety of Japanese art traditions, campers have been making temari balls, learning about Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa  through  watercolor, collaging and sumi painting uchiwa paddle fans, animating ikebana and origami figures, playing and watching taiko drumming (with a special guest appearance from Portland Taiko), dancing, bon odori, dabbling in indigo dye with shibori, making glass tanuki headbands, koinobori windsocks, silkscreened noren, dot printed furoshiki cloths, and so much more….!

Tomorrow, Friday,  the gate will open around 2:40 for families, kazoku, to join this week’s celebration parade, Art Camp’s version of the Japanese matsuri, to honor the five days we have all shared together.

Ja mata,


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