summer camp

week 2 day 2


Yesterday old and new friends came together to sing the cherished Grace Art Camp tune and share the Four R’s of Community.  Monday we were all entertained by a very old makura or “pillow story” to set the stage for the week. Under the Cherry Blossom Tree is  a favorite ancient rakugo, or “joke tale” about a grumpy old man who ends up turning inside out and into a fish pond!  Color groups sampled 6 different artists studios and campers and counselors alike spent the day getting to know each other.

Today, we heard the first of four chapters of Bunbuku Chagama, roughly translated as “happiness bubbling over like a tea pot.” A poor man rescues a tanuki (a Japanese raccoon-dog) caught in a trap who then magically turns into a tea pot. . . .

Campers had their first day of choosing from 11 different studios that included bamboo glass vases and sushi plates, clay tea cups impersonating magic animals as well as actually impersonating magic animals, Hosukai’s The Big Wave off Kanagawa, Suminagashi paper marbling, cherry blossom printing, an upbeat Hokkaido fishing dance, temari balls, Maneki-neko stuffies, and koinobori, not to mention shibori-indigo t-shirts!

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