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See you next time Week 5!

“Somewhere out beyond right and wrong there is a field.  I will meet you there.”  – Rumi

Salom and thank you for being a part of week 5’s excitement for being together at camp! This week’s story, The Amir who Became a Weaver, retold by local storyteller Alton Chung, illustrated just how learning something at Art Camp might save the day! In addition to learning about the many unusual animals of central asia, campers also saw an amazing and inspiring section of The Eagle Huntressa beautiful film made in Khazakstan that they may want to see the rest of . . . not to mention the animation studio-made video here made by week 5 campers:

WEEK 5 Camp Pics

Animation (Robert Randall) Tuesday: Geometric tile mosaic stories; Wednesday: “Sand-imation” with sensory sand; Thursday “Caravan-imation” stories along the Silk Road; Friday: Post-production and sound effects.

Ceramics & Sculpture (Gina Rios) Monday: Ceramic trading coins; Tuesday: Tiles inspired by Persian and Islamic geometric patterns, included creation of tiles and decoration; Wednesday: Central Asian animal pinch pots; Thursday: Embossed metal pendants and clay bead jewelry; Friday: “World Clay Cup” sculpting challenge.

Fibre Arts (Dana Murphy)Monday: Pom-poms and tassels; Tuesday: Tribal hats with embroidery and “fur”, small loom needle weaving; Wednesday: Wool felting; Thursday: Embellishments incl. tassels and twist braids, and woven pocket bags; Friday: Embroidered spice amulet pouches and carpets made with Turkish knots.

Glass (Shelly Stoffer, Margaret Synan-Russell) Monday: Glass pendants with copper; Tuesday: Decorated plates and wall vases; Wednesday: Glass tiles with Central Asian birds and mandalas; Thursday: “Woven glass” tiles with captured bubbles and rug pattern-inspired designs; Friday: Rock mandala mosaics.

Music & Dance (Mike Van Liew, Susanne Hornberger) Monday: Intro to Central Asian dance and folk song in Farsi; Tuesday: Dance with zills (hand bells) and percussion ensemble; Wednesday: Uzbek veil dance and percussion ensemble; Thursday: Central Asian scarf dances and percussion; Friday: Percussion and dance practice for parade.

Theatre (Kelly Campbell, Julie Akers) Monday: Theatre games and intro; Tuesday: Story work and transformations; Wednesday: Caravan performances and games; Thursday: Theatre games and scenes inspired by the camp story; Friday: Rehearsal for festival performance and theatre games.

Visual Arts (Christian Barrios) Monday: One-line drawings; Tuesday: Magic carpets in mixed media; Wednesday: Painted wood boxes for trading coins; Thursday: Papier-mâché camels; Friday: Characters from the story in “stained glass” on foil.

Illustration (Kristin Koop) Tuesday: Central Asian landscapes with oil pastels and watercolors; Wednesday: Akhal-Teke horses from Turkmenistan; Thursday: Central Asian animals with watercolor pencil; Friday: Suzani designs.

Book Arts (Ashley Klump) Tuesday: Pop-up books about Pistachio, the camp camel; Wednesday: Prints of the Silk Road; Thursday: Accordion and camp-wide map; Friday: 3-D yurt books and recycled woven memory rugs.

POD (Erin Bellcoff, Sade Mitchell) Tuesday: Ceramic tiles, music & dance, “jade” glass pendants, and watercolor landscapes; Wednesday: Camel hats and wool felting; Thursday: foam prints and camel drawings; Friday Animated flip-ups.


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