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Camelhump day Week 5


Today was Camelhumpday at camp. We learned about the Bactrian camel with TWO humps as well as many other interesting animals who live throughout the diverse ecosystems of Central Asia. . . ask your camper for details!

Yesterday, in the spirit of global exchange along the Silk Road, campers enjoyed a slideshow of kids in Peru and observed on their own that what they were looking at pretty much looked like . . .was a reflection of themselves at Grace Art Camp!  And they were right. The images are from two art camps that were held in the Colca Valley one year after a team of artists and counselors went to Peru to share a 3 day art camp with local artists, teachers, and children.  Click here to see those pictures!

The idea of sharing the Grace Art Camp experience with Haitian artists and children was seeded by Judy Prosper, an enthusiast and friend of Grace Institute, in collaboration with the generosity and commitment of Georges and Poupette Chemaly who will host a small delegation of Portland and Haitian artists at their home in Pierre Payen, and providing a place for an art camp take place for the children in their neighborhood. With their inspiration, vision, and dedication, the local children will have the opportunity to explore their own creative side. And, in the spirit of a genuine exchange, we will also want to sponsor 1 or 2 Haitian artists to come to Grace Art Camp in Portland!

Seven years ago Art Camp raised $10,000 for Haiti earthquake relief by selling glass rings made by campers and staff all summer. This summer campers and staff are  making and selling glass rings to raise funds for an Art Camp in Haiti Exchange – July 2019 –  toward the formation of a summer arts camp for children in the provincial beach town of Pierre Payen.

For clarification, there were three questions campers asked on Tuesday after hearing about this project:
How much have we raised?
What is the goal (how much is needed)?
Is this for helping Haiti “build up” or to “make an art camp?”

Glass rings  (and handmade Haitian horn rings made in Haiti by local artists and brought over by Judy) are for sale in the afternoons just before and after pick up all week.  $5 and $8.

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