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Week 2 wrap-up!

Aldar-Kose and Shigai-Bai

The week’s story, exquisitely retold by local storyteller Will Hornyak – who left us full hearted and satisfied and generous – can be read or downloaded with the above link.

As Week 2 comes to an end and we are indeed “champs” as the song goes, all aglow where ever we go through out camp (pictures aglow here!) to partake in zil playing, drumming, painting, Clay Cup Olympics, storytelling, calligraphy, embroidery, weaving, puppets, pop-up books, glass mosaic river rock, and printed pomegranate, not to mention Animation, just to name a few. . .


Art Camp in Haiti: Haitian Artists at Art Camp

Please view our slide show of two art camps in Peru that took shape the year after a team of artists and counselors from Grace Art Camp visited with children and artists at Casa Chapi, in the Colca Valley, in 2014. The making of art and telling stories together is universally recognizable!

This summer campers are making glass rings to raise funds for an exchange with artists and campers in Haiti in 2019. In 2011, Art Camp raised $10,000 selling these same kind of glass rings to raise money for Mercy Corps who was providing assistance to Haiti after the earthquake.

Stay tuned!!

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