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Salom Week 2

P7090360-29.jpgOver the past three days art campers have learned that “salom” is one way to say “hi” (and goodbye) throughout Central Asia as well as many other places in the world!! No matter how this word is spelled or pronounced,  we understand this greeting as a universal acknowledgement of one another – it translates literally into “the absence of conflict” or “peace.”

We have learned about tazhib – traditional designs that exist in every aspect of Persian life from architecture and dance to calligraphy and music, and have enjoyed the generosity and expertise of Marjan Anvari, this summer’s Guest Artist-in-Residence.

We are learning about how the heart of the ancient trade routes now known as the Silk Road, that ran throughout Central Asia for many thousands of years, provided a way for material goods, spices, foods, stories, religion, architecture, language, and all other forms of creative endeavors, to exchange in all global directions.  Many of the elements found in Central Asian cultures from language, religion, and designs are from other parts of the world, in the same way that peoples’ lives today in the United  States are infused with elements from cultures all over the world.


Slideshow from Week 2
(this will be added to after the end of the week)

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