summer camp

Week 1 – The Journey Begins


This week campers have learned that “salom” is one way to say “hi” along the many trades routes through out Central Asia. No matter how this word is spelled or the particular language the spelling and sounds are from, everyone understands its meaning – connection!

Art Camp started in a whirl  with a surprise magic carpet ride that landed us in Bukhara. Accompanied by the trusty Bactrian camel, Pistachio, we have explored stories, melodies, and art found in the multi-layers of history along the ancient trade routes known as The Silk Road.

This week’s story, The Magic Garden, has inspired happy glass birds, coins, and mandalas, ceramic coins, tiles, and seed pod rattles, metal birds and dancing birds, and the sounds of zils and percussion, and SO MUCH MORE!

In the words of our Persian camp song – “I’m happy and I’m laughing and I’m grateful for the life . . .!”

Khodäfez! (bye! in Persian)


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