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Springful Joy Recap!

This past Spring Break Camp we embraced The Empty Pot (a Chinese fairy tale), the Spring Equinox, and all its joy from lengthening days of light to seeds sprouting into all kinds of lovely and joyous communities. Animating stories, songs, movement, mindfulness practice, and wishing strips for The Coat of Hope, activities blossomed in all sorts of ways: Move and Groove storytelling and acting, Kinetic Animation of blossoming flowers, Totally Tubular up-cycled vases and planters, papery Flower Power creations, including a few giant sized Venus Flytraps, and the Nest which hatched a plethora of needle felted birds and leaves. Last but not least of all, were the Crackpots who coiled clay into designs for the community planter that will live in the courtyard once it has been constructed and fired. We will post a picture of the finished pot, empty or not, on our website/blog/FB/Instagram, so be sure to follow us somewhere.

With gratitude for Spring and all of the children who made it springier than usual and on behalf of all of us at Spring Break Camp, may you continue to enjoy the nurturing and witnessing of your children who are full of seeds and soil and blossoming into their ever-emerging selves.



Kinetic Animation studio’s project that blossomed into an almost feature length film!


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