terrific tuesday week 3

  Yesterday old and new friends were  entertained by a very old makura or “pillow story” to set the stage for the week. Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, a favorite ancient rakugo, or “joke tale” about a grumpy old man who ends up turning inside out and into […]

week 3 kick off!

Today at camp we had a sampling of many studios and campers got familiar with their color groups and our talented staff! Tomorrow campers will be choosing from 10 different studios and starting our week’s story entitled Kaguya-hime, which begins with a bamboo cutter discovering something unexpected… Ja […]

week 2 wrap up and matsuri!

  Grace Art Camp Kazoku! Over the past three days, art campers have learned how to say their color group in Japanese, Good Morning (Ohiyo Gozaimas), Good Afternoon (konichiwa), and “see you soon” (ja mata). We enjoyed spending a day with Portland Taiko, who performed with a variety […]