summer camp

week 4, midsummer

Konichiwa GAC Kazoku! (Good Afternoon GAC Families)

Yesterday old and new friends came together to sing the cherished Grace Art Camp tune and share the Four R’s of Community.  We were all entertained by a very old makura or “pillow story” to set the stage for the week. Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, a favorite ancient rakugo, or “joke tale” about a mean old grumpy man who ends up turning inside out and into a fish pond!  Color groups sampled 6 different artists’ studios and campers and counselors alike spent the day getting to know each other.

Today, we heard the first days of four of Urashima Taro, a mukashi banashi (very old story) about a young fisherman who rescues a sea turtle from teasing children. The turtle finds him fishing later in the day and gives him a wink . . .

Campers also experienced their first day of choosing their studios – there was much to choose from: glass sushi plates and bamboo  vases, clay chawan (tea bowl), collaged kokeshi dolls, cherry blossom prints, suminagashi (floating ink or marbling), an upbeat Hokkaido fishing dance and accompanying percussion, animated ikebana, tortoise shell inspired pillows and sashiko bags, theatre games and enacting parts of this week’s story, not to mention shibori-indigo t-shirts!

Ja Mata!

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