“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   – Mahatma Gandhi

Art Camp relies on the generous time and support of its volunteers and their presence strengthens the Art Camp community. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  Volunteers are scheduled by the Camp Director or Lead Counselor and are required to have a background check. Counselors who are currently on the waitlist are welcome to volunteer at camp. Volunteers often support staff and campers alike in the following ways:

  • Studio Volunteers–artists can often use an experienced extra pair of hands.
  • Camper One-on-One Volunteers–often times there are campers with special needs or concerns who would enjoy their camp experience more fully with the assistance of a particular “camp friend” to help them through the day. This work can be challenging, frustrating, and always fulfilling. One-on-one volunteers should be adults experienced with school-age children who have patience and unending love.
  • Door Security volunteers sit at the 17th Avenue entrance to Camp and greet and sign in visitors as they arrive throughout the day.
  • Staff/Camper Snack Volunteers make early morning coffee and set out staff refreshments and camper snacks.
  • Office Volunteers are highly valued for their organizational and computer skills, sorting, folding, fine penmanship, and a myriad of various and vital duties that arise daily at camp.
  • Background Checks are required for all volunteers age 14 and over.

Grace Institute is an equal opportunity employer working toward cultivating a set of attitudes, perspectives, behaviors and policies that continuously promote equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural responsiveness.

For more information please contact the Director, Ashley Smith:  ashleys@grace-institute.org