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Dèyè mòn gen mòn

Beyond mountains, more mountains. Haitians use this poetic phrase in two ways: to say that there’s no end to obstacles, and also that there’s no end to opportunities. That pretty much sums up a mountain! Beaches, waterfalls, cloud forests, and pine tree-capped mountains used to abound in Haiti. […]

Piti piti, zwazo fè nich

Little by little, the bird builds its nest. Like most great proverbs, this Haitian proverb transcends time and humanity. Originally a french proverb that infused itself into Haitian culture, this concept rings true zoologically as well! Every culture stops and watches the bird . . . could this […]


BLOSSOM WITH CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, & JOY Only Five Spaces still available! Celebrate the renewal of the earth and our own resiliency in spring with story telling, music and art.  Art Studios use up-cycled/reclaimed materials for projects in fibre arts, ceramics/glass, and other splendid assortments of visual art media […]