Art and the act of creative expression are opportunities for people to experience agency, community, and change. Be a part of this change by joining the Grace Institute Board of Directors.

If you are a Grace Art Camp parent, grandparent, friend, volunteer, or other enthusiast who does cartwheels over Grace Art Camp’s mission, please consider joining the board.  We are specifically in need of members with skills in finance, legal expertise, project development, strategic planning, real-estate, outreach development, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

If you would like to be part of building GI’s next phase of growth, please contact the Executive Director, Ashley Smith (ashleys@grace-institute.org) or the Board President, Becky Wong (ruotsi-wong@comcast.net) today.  And please pass this ask on to other interested parties as it takes a village to create a community.

Thank you so much for the myriad of ways in which you may already support Grace Institute and Grace Art Camps.

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