Orevwa Week 5!

Week 5 was on fire and it all came to a beautiful farewell on Friday thanks to all the friends and families who attended the “Kanaval” parade and participated in the mini live GAC podcast!

To view Animation Studio videos, listen to GAC Radio, and view images of camp:

  • https://vimeo.com/graceartcamp  – video to be posted by the end of Sunday
  • https://anchor.fm/gacradio  –  available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and  is 100% voiced by GAC Campers, Counselors, and Studio Artists. New episodes will be available every Sunday featuring the campers from the previous week. The bonus live “mini-sodes,” recorded at the Friday’s “kanaval” is also available:
  • Instagram and Facebook

And a special thanks to Elsy Dinvil for her lovely and generous cooking expertise, stories and energy shared with campers this week!

Thank you to all who helped raise $3,000 last summer through GAC’s Haiti glass ring and pendant project. N a Sanje Foundation, a nonprofit in Haiti, found out about Grace Art Camp and reached out to us . . .“Oh my goodness, your website is full of Haitian art and culture, I’m sure the Haitian people would be overwhelmed to know that their very special culture is being admired and taught in such a respectful way! Haiti is a country that so deserves to be understood but has been so misunderstood!!! ”

One of the organization’s staff members, known fondly as YaYa, is finishing his degree in Early Childhood Education in the US, and started Camp GRANEA last summer in his hometown in Haiti – little did we know that GAC has a sister camp in Haiti! You can view pictures of Camp GRANEA HERE. GAC contributed funds to help them meet this summer’s gofundme goal.

Equity Advancement
Grace Art Camp’s cultural focus necessitates that we continue to advance our equity work in as many ways as we can fathom. With many thanks to the dedication of our volunteer Equity Committee, we share with you our approach to this vital and ongoing work: https://grace-institute.org/about-us/

Thank you for being a part of the Grace Art Camp Community and Best of Wishes for the rest of your summer!

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