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Week 7; the end of the Silk Road?

Week 7’s story, Zarina’s Orchard, from Tajikisatan, sums up into “Sometimes life is Easy. Sometimes life is Hard. But today it was Delicious.”

Last week may have been the end of this summer’s Colors of the Silk Road, but it certainly is the just the beginning of sharing beyond what we are familiar with and bringing curiosity to every path we come across. Thank you, to each of you, for being a part of last week. You each make a unique difference when you are a part of camp and are a part of the whole community of camp that makes up each week, each summer, and from year to year.

Check out the trailer for The Eagle Huntressa beautiful film made in Khazakstan about a 13 year old girl who becomes an eagle hunter – all campers saw a  segment of this flick last Tuesday and some campers saw more of it during extended hours. It’s worth a viewing in full!

Here are picture peeks of last week’s camp.
And . . enjoy the collaborative mini flick from the animation studio:

Studio Details

Ceramics & Sculpture (Daniel Granias) Monday: Ceramic trading coins; Tuesday: Clay pots and water pitchers; Wednesday: Tiles inspired by Persian and Islamic geometric patterns; Thursday: Dev and other character masks in papier-mâché; Friday: “World Clay Cup” sculpting challenge and games.

Fibre Arts (Barb Griggs) Monday: Pom-poms and tassels; Tuesday: Stuffed camels and traditional Toqi hats; Wednesday: Wool felting; Thursday: Tapestries, textiles, and bags using Suzani motifs in embroidery. Friday: Yurt decorations, including tassels and Ilgich wall hangings.

Glass (Jenny Wells) Monday: Glass pendants with copper coins; Tuesday: Central Asian animal tiles and textile-inspired slumped glass plates; Wednesday: Glass “rugs” and trees from Zarina’s orchard; Thursday: Glass wall vases and mandalas; Friday: Rock mandala mosaics.

Music & Dance (Kailee McMurran) Monday: Intro to Central Asian dance and folk song in Farsi; Tuesday: Whirling dervish dance and Kazakh water song; Wednesday: Uzbek veil and “Grace Art Camp” dances, percussion tutorial; Thursday: Turkish dance with zills (hand bells), percussion ensemble, and guest artist, Yasamin Mehdian Rad, with the Daf drum; Friday: Percussion and dance practice for parade, music and dance games.

Theatre?Puppets (Kelly Campbell) Monday: Theatre games and intro; Tuesday: Building scenes of Central Asia and narrating; Wednesday: Explorations of characters from the camp story; Thursday: “Puppursday” creating paper puppets inspired by Uzbek puppets; Friday: Rehearsal for festival performance, theatre games, and puppet shows.

Visual Arts (Loey Hargrove) Monday: Cut paper suzani designs; Tuesday: Hexagonal tiles with shyrdak designs; Wednesday: “Leather” water bottle carriers made from paper; Thursday: Shyrdak- and suzani-inspired personal rugs in felt; Friday: Mirage paintings in watercolor.

Animation (Robert Randall) Tuesday: Geometric tile mosaic stories; Wednesday: “Sand-imation” with sensory sand; Thursday “Caravan-imation” stories along the Silk Road; Friday: Post-production and sound effects.

Book Arts (Marjan Anvari) Tuesday: Arabic bound books with raised cover designs and end papers; Wednesday: World Calligraphy Day, with Persian manuscripts and patterns; Thursday: Tablet bookbinding and Persian miniatures; Friday: Books with pomegranate designs and Persian manuscripts with calligraphy and collage.

Paper Arts (Beth Wilson) Tuesday: Making paper embellished with patterns and designs; Wednesday: Papier-mâché bowls with fruit; Thursday: Travel journals; Friday: Paper mosaics playing with patterns and color.

POD (Erin Belcoff & Sade Mitchell) Tuesday: Ceramic tiles, music & dance, “jade” glass pendants, and accordion books; Wednesday: Camel hats in theatre and wool felting; Thursday: suzani– and shyrdak-inspired personal rugs in felt and paper mosaics; Friday: Animated flip-ups.

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