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Khodahafez Week 6!

“Somewhere out beyond right and wrong there is a field.  I will meet you there.”  – Rumi

As promised, here is the wrap up for week 6 – thank you, to each of you, for being a part of last week. You each make a unique difference when you are a part of camp.

Together, during week 6, we raised $900 towards the Art Camp in Haiti Exchange, as well as making many more artsy glass pendants and rings to sell later on.

You can re-read the week’s story,  The Golden Knucklebones, with your children AND you can check out the trailer for The Eagle Huntressa beautiful film made in Khazakstan about a 12 year old girl who becomes an eagle hunter – campers saw a hair tingling segment of the movie. The whole movie is a worthy way to spend 90 minutes as well as viewing a few angles of camp in this slideshow.

Until next time, Khodahafez!

Studio Details

Ceramics & Sculpture (Daniel Granias) Monday: Ceramic trading coins; Tuesday: Tiles inspired by Persian and Islamic geometric patterns; Wednesday: Clay “knuckle bones” creation and games; Thursday: Witch and other character masks in papier mâché; Friday: “World Clay Cup” sculpting challenge.

Fibre Arts (Barb Griggs) Monday: Pom-poms and tassels; Tuesday: Stuffed camels and traditional Toqi hats; Wednesday: Wool felting; Thursday: Persian motifs on textiles and embroidered felt rugs for yurts; Friday: Tapestry and bags using Suzani motifs and tassels.

Glass (Deb Galati) Monday: Glass pendants with copper coins; Tuesday: Characters and animals in glass, and slumped glass plates modeled on Ikat patterns; Wednesday: “Woven glass” tiles with captured bubbles and rug pattern-inspired wall vases; Thursday: Central Asian animal tiles and mandalas; Friday: Rock mandala mosaics.

Music & Dance (Mike Van Liew and Susanne Hornberger) Monday: Intro to Central Asian dance and folk song in Farsi; Tuesday: Central Asian scarf dances and song; Wednesday: Dance with zills (hand bells) and percussion ensemble; Thursday: Uzbek veil dance and percussion ensemble; Friday: Percussion and dance practice for parade.

Theatre (Julie Akers) Monday: Theatre games and intro; Tuesday: Short plays based on the camp story and transformations; Wednesday: Theatre games, story work, and tableaux; Thursday: Theatre games and scenes inspired by the camp story; Friday: Rehearsal for festival performance and theatre games.

Visual Arts (Christian Barrios) Monday: One-line drawings; Tuesday: Magic carpets in mixed media; Wednesday: Painted wood boxes for trading coins; Thursday: Papier-mâché camels; Friday: Characters from the story in “stained glass” on foil.

 Illustration (Kristin Koop) Tuesday: Central Asian landscapes with oil pastels and watercolors; Wednesday: Akhal-Teke horses from Turkmenistan in charcoal, chalk, and colored pencil; Thursday: Central Asian animals with watercolor pencil; Friday: Farsi calligraphy and Persian miniatures with Guest Artist-in-Residence, Marjan.

Book Arts (Ashley Klump) Tuesday: Pop-up books about Pistachio, the camp camel; Wednesday: Central Asian animal prints; Thursday: Accordion and camp-wide maps; Friday: 3-D yurt books and recycled woven memory rugs.

Puppets (Kelly Campbell) Tuesday: Uzbek-style puppets with clay heads; Wednesday: Bobbling camel and camel marionette puppets; Thursday: Paper hand puppets; Friday: Painting clay heads, finishing, and open studio.

POD – Orange Group (Sade Mitchell) Tuesday: Ceramic tiles, music & dance, “jade” glass pendants, and watercolor landscapes; Wednesday: Theatre and wool felting; Thursday: Foam prints and camel drawings; Friday: Camel hats.

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