Stories from Central Asia

Did you know that “salom” is an informal way of saying “hi” in Uzbekistan? That the word “stan” is a Persian suffix meaning “land of”?  Or that five religions co-existed and mingled in Central Asia, the region of the oldest sections of trade routes that became part of what we know today as “The Silk Road”?  People, settlements, blossoming fruit orchards, palaces, and caravans all thrived along these ancient roads covering roughly the shape of an oval running 2000 miles east and west and bordered by steppes, forests, mountain ranges, no less than five great deserts, and salty warm “fresh-water” lakes, and were hubs for the exchange of spices, textiles, and other goods, but especially stories, ideas, religions, and philosophies — the original super information highway!

Campers develop skills in a variety of daily art-studio projects led by professional artists and inspired by stories of yurts, bazaars, devs & jinns, magic carpets, jigits (braver young people), and art, animals, and landscapes of Central Asia. Studios include theatre, music & dance, fused glass, ceramics & sculpture, fibre arts, painting, drawing & illustration, paper arts, printmaking, animation, and more.

Grace Art Camp is designed for children  4 – 12 years of age (pre-K through 6th grade). Children must be 4 years old by January 30, 2018, already be attending a full-day program, and use the bathroom independently. Campers register for one week only to allow as many children as possible to experience camp.

  • Online Registration Opens at Noon
    March 1st for Weeks 1 –  4
    March 8th for Weeks 5 – 7
  • Camp Hours: M – F, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Gate opens at 8:45 am. Campers bring their own NUT-FREE sack lunch and water bottle – morning snack is provided).
  • Extended Hours: M – F,  3:00 pm – 6:00 pm ($95/week or $10.00/hour). Please reserve in advance when registering.  You may also email the business manager with your name, your child’s full name and age at: lindam@grace-institute.org.
  • Tuition: $345.00 (Includes art supplies, camp t-shirt, and morning snack. Campers bring sack lunch and water bottle. We are a nut- free camp).
    Scholarships are available based on financial need and application ($30 fee).
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WEEK 1:  June 25-29
The Magic Garden
This is a beautiful story of life-long friendship, poverty, and sudden wealth, but with wealth comes quarreling, doubt, questions, and a time when the wisest choice sometimes comes from the youngest. Asan and Hasan entrust their unexpected wealth to a wise youth who is sent to the city to spend the newly acquired wealth on seeds, but the youth’s heart is touched before spending a single coin. . .

WEEK 2:  July 9-13
Aldar-Kose and Shigai-Bai
Legendary trickster Aldar-Kose invites himself to visit the yurta of the mean and miserly Shigai-Bai, and is greeted with rudeness rather than the traditional warm welcome. Aldar-Kose resolves to teach Shigai-Bai a lesson, but is he a match for the old man’s selfish ways? Who will get the better of whom?  And, who is the real trickster?

WEEK 3:  July 16-20
The Carpet of Dreams
In old Herat, a frustrated young man, Arif, dreams of becoming a merchant traveling the Silk Road rather than continue the family carpet weaving business. Receiving a clear sign to leave home, Arif travels, listens,and learns while selling his parents’ carpets along the bustling trade routes of the oasis cities. In time, he comes to the palace at Samarkand, and to his surprise, everything is both familiar and dreamlike. . .

WEEK 4:  July 23-27
The Dev and his Forty Children
Seeking adventure, Safa finds himself rescuing a beautiful swan from an evil witch and is rewarded with a small box that he must not open until he reaches home or else regret it bitterly. But of course, he opens the box and must make a deal with the Dev. In due time, the Dev comes to collect payment, unleashing a mighty struggle until help comes from a most surprising source. . .

WEEK 5:  July 30 – August 3
The Amir who Became a Weaver
Heeding the advice of one of his concerned subjects, the Amir takes up weaving to help him relax and think more clearly when solving problems. As fate would have it one evening during his regular city walk, the Amir and his Vizir are kidnapped. Fortunately, the Amir is an excellent weaver and the Queen is very clever. . .

WEEK 6:  August 6-10
The Golden Knucklebones
Forced into promising his only son to Ubyr, the most fearsome of witches, in exchange for his own life, the Tartar quickly moves his family far from Ubyr’s reach. In their haste, his son’s lucky knucklebones are left behind. Take one determined son and add a talking horse, an angry witch, three clever foxes, assorted talking birds and two faithful friends . . . it is so exciting!

WEEK 7:  August 13 – 17
Zarina’s Orchard
Every day, Zarina and her thirty-nine sisters pick up their empty jugs and walk over the mountain to fill them at the river. One day, a hunter and his brothers offer to help and reroute the river, bringing life to Zarina’s desert valley. A special gift from a holy man seeds a lush orchard, but Zarina forgets the old man’s warning and disaster strikes. Determined to set it all right, Zarina must first visit the old Dev’s lair. . .