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week 7 has begun!




terday returning campers recalled, and shared with new campers, the many things we do at Art Camp together each year — make art, listen to stories, dance together, be “dramatic”, sing — lots of singing, and just being together while doing all these things. We sang the cherished Grace Art Camp tune and shared the Four R’s of Community followed by an old favorite makura (pillow), Under the Cherry Blossom Tree to set the tone for the week, about a mean old grumpy man who ends up turning inside out and into a fish pond (the joke is on you if live life grumpily, many campers were quick to point out). Color groups sampled 6 different artists’ studios and campers and counselors alike spent the day getting to know each other.

Today, we heard the beginning of Issun Boshi, a traditional mukashi banashi (very very very old story) about a wee little lad only 1” high and his upcoming river adventure as he floats along in a chawan (tea bowl) for a boat, chopsticks for oars, and brandishing a sewing needle for a sword.

Campers had their first day of choosing from 11 different studios offering everything from glass sushi plates and bamboo vases, clay chawan, upcycled kokeshi dolls, silk screened mini noren, upbeat percussion and dancing, sashiko, and boro chopstick carrying cases, collaged paper animals from along the river’s edge, theatre games and mini kabuki stages, and gyotaku (fish printing) to shibori-indigo t-shirts!

Stay tuned for more!!
Ja Mata!

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