summer camp

tuesday week 6

We started the day with a singing medley of our top morning songs followed by  the beginning of Tanabata, the ancient legend behind the Star Festival celebrated in Sendai (in August according to the lunar calendar). Storyteller Anne introduced us to a set of twins and two stars in the sky, one of them known as Orihime, the weaving princess.

Campers chose from 11 different studios offering glass sushi plates and bamboo vases, clay bamboo vases, upcylced kokeshi dolls, suminagashi (floating ink), upbeat percussion and fan & scarf dance, sashiko wall hangings, upcycled and weatherized koinobori, theatre games, gyotaku (fish printing) and shibori-indigo t-shirts!

After recess brought two surprise guests, Yukiko and Fumino, who played beautiful koto and violin duets. It was a day full of!

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