summer camp

week 5 – Momotaro!




Today, we heard the first days of four parts of Momotaro, where otasa (father) and okasa (mother) find an oh so oshi (delicious) peach floating along the river and take it home to eat only to find they now have a small child in their lives who grows up with the desire to go to oni island who on his way, thus far, meets a talking dog and a monkey . . .

Campers had their first day of choosing from 11 different studios offering glass sushi plates and bamboo vases, clay chawan, collaged kokeshi dolls, printed dots, upbeat percussion and fan & scarf dance, animated ikebana, sashiko coasters, upcycled and weatherized koinobori, theatre games, and shibori-indigo t-shirts!

Tomorrow, we will spend time singing, listening, creating, and staying cool along the way. It’s all possible at Grace Art Camp!

Vibrant, joyous, colorful! Oregon Buddhist Temple will hold its annual summertime Obon Festival on Saturday, August 5 from 3-9 pm. The American obon festival is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds with Buddhist rituals, hanging lanterns, food booths and games, music (inlcuding Portland Taiko), and bon odori (communal dances encircling a central platform).The bon odori (obon dance) will begin at 7 pm. This is a community dance and is open to everyone.

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