Host an Exchange Student! 2018

Examples of students who available for placement with American host families.  These are just a few of those who are from Kyrgyzstan:

Elina is a girl from Kyrgyzstan from a large family. She loves cooking her traditional foods, cycling, and pop music.  She says her father represents her country in different countries of the world.  She loves children and animals.  She speaks Kyrgyz, Russian and some Korean and Turkish, and English, of course.

Zhavionbek is a 16 year old boy who hopes to become an ambassador some day.  He likes debate, playing the guitar and piano,  student council, soccer and volleyball.  He also speaks Kyrgyz, Arabic, Russian and Kazakh.  He volunteers in his community with special needs children and helps teaching English.  He said he comes from an “ancient city” with legends and stories.

Eduard is a 16 year old boy who likes to dance, debate, reading and school clubs.  He hopes to become a doctor.  He likes sports and wants to try basketball, baseball and event football.  His favorite subjects are biology, chemistry and literature.