Info for Parents

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” ― Maya Angelou

The following are  a few additional facts and descriptions about aspects of camp you might find helpful.

TAX EXEMPT ID is: 20-0529892

Grace Art Camps sustains its programming solely through tuition. We are committed to keeping tuition as low as possible and rely on the generous gifts to support our scholarship, outreach, and residency programs. We appreciate your support.

We  offer full and partial scholarships to families based upon financial need.
Scholarships available based on financial need and application ($30 fee).


During Grace Art Camps, campers collectively produce many pieces of unique art!  Camp staff, and campers themselves, work very hard to keep every piece of art labeled with your child’s name and color group. Some of this art does not get picked up due to unplanned absences or simply gets lost-in-the-shuffle. Art that is left behind will be arranged by the week your camper attends, their Color Group, name, and  by “no-name.”

  • If your camper is missing a treasured creation, or has another camper’s art by mistake, please email as soon as possible to set up a time to come in.
  • After camp is over for the season, please arrange a time to pick up your child’s art by emailing the Operations Manager  or the Director,
  • After September 15, art projects  and lost and found items will be recycled, reused, or donated.

WE ARE NUT FREE . . .. . . even when we all feel a little nutty!  Please help keep Grace Art Camps a nut free community for the safety of those with severe nut allergies by refraining from sending any kind of nut products to camp with your child. Camp provides all campers nut free mid-morning snacks: they are not free of other allergens. If your child’s tolerance level is low, we recommend that snacks be sent from home.

Lunchtime is supervised and campers who end up with nut products in their lunches will eat away from assembly areas with a counselor. Children with life-threatening allergies may eat with friends slightly apart from the main group in a “nut-free zone.”

Severe Allergies
Allergy information concerning campers with specific life threatening allergies, or other medical needs, along with symptoms and specific treatment recommended by parents, are shared with all staff on a weekly basis.  Several staff members are trained to use epi-pens.  Be sure to include all vital information on your camper’s registration form and email us to set up a phone conversation in special situations. You are welcome to discuss specific medical needs and meet with the Director or the Registrar before your child’s week at camp begins.


We are happy that you are supporting your child’s interest in joining Grace Art Camp staff as a Counselor-in-Training! CITs are 14 and 15 years of age: based on our experience, it is very important for upcoming Counselors-in-Training to take a year or two off from Grace Art Camp between being a camper and counselor.  It is almost always difficult to make that transition  without a break.

It is important for young people to go through the application process themselves – from inquiry to application submission to interview.  We are interested in their perspectives and it is an excellent life skill to develop by initiating contact of their own accord.  In this way, we get to know these potential counselors better and begin cultivating a relationship with them from the initial point of contact. Our most successful counselors embrace this responsibility and enjoy taking ownership in what can be a significant part of their summer.

Encourage, perhaps proofread, or practice interview questions with your child – we all appreciate that kind of support.  If you have questions and want to support them through the process, please contact us.

See the Employment page for of descriptions, applications, and instructions.


Grace Institute is not a religious organization, and its program, Grace Art Camps,  does  not contain religious offerings. Grace Art Camp celebrates the basic values of being authentic to oneself and with kindness to others,  building community by embracing our differences and celebrating what we share through stories and the creative process.