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3-DAY BONUS CAMP: June 29 – July 1
The First Tortilla  (Aztec)

This ancient tale begins when the rains have not come, the gardens are dying and the people are hungry and afraid. When the hummingbird messenger comes, is Jade brave enough to follow him to save her people?

WEEK 1:  June 22 – 26
The Little Horse of Seven Colors  (Post-colonial)

This story traveled halfway around the world to take root in the Mexican tradition. When the farmer’s corn goes missing, wild adventures and impossible quests are sure to follow. Magic helps….

WEEK 2:  July 6 – 10
Tahui  (Tarahumara)

From his birth this Tarahumara boy was thought to have a great destiny, but first he must overcome one serious challenge after another. How can he possibly make it?

WEEK 3:  July 13 – 17
The Legend of Tangu Yuh  (Zapotec)

Very long ago in southern Mexico, the Zapotec peoples – artisans of renown — lived  in such seeming harmony that a goddess is sent to reward them. But the visit doesn’t go quite as planned….

WEEK 4:  July 20 – 24
Stories of the Sun and the Moon  (Maya)

 Known as accomplished astronomers, the ancient peoples of Mexico also told stories about the two heavenly bodies – the Sun and the Moon. Stories full of bravery, foolishness, some fun, and most of all – personality.

WEEK 5:  July 27 – 31
Blancaflor  (Post-colonial)

This classic folktale has roots in versions told in Spain and along the Silk Road; it is a great favorite in Hispanic culture. Take one honorable prince determined to keep a promise, add impossible tasks, an evil being and his kind and powerful daughter. It’s exciting and magical.…

WEEK 6:  August 3 – 7
The Eagle and the Rainbow  (Huichol)

This ancient legend tells of a child born to bear a special fate, who is favored by the sacred eagle. The people are jealous and afraid, and they deny him his sacred name, calling him Fast as Deer. Then, the drought begins. What can Fast as Deer do about it?

WEEK 7:  August 10 – 14
The Boy Who Cried Tears of Jade  (Maya)

Mayel’s apprenticeship to her Healer Grandmother takes an unexpected turn toward magic with the arrival of Balam, who has green eyes…. Everything will be alright if the ruler in Tikal doesn’t find out. Right?

The MONDAY STORY will be The Legend of Two Volcanoes from the Aztec tradition. 

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