Grace Art Camp plans for heat

Mitigation Plan for High Heat

This week, the weather forecast predicts high heat. These are the steps we will follow to mitigate the heat — and maintain our COVID precautions.

How you can help:

  • Campers should wear loose, light-colored, and light-weight clothing
  • Use an insulated lunch bag. Ice packs do help. (Consider an electrolyte beverage.)
  • If you wish to use sunscreen, please apply it before camp. We cannot apply it as a matter of policy.

While Grace Art Camp will be open and moving through our full 3-studio rotations, these are the ways we plan to keep campers and staff cool and safe this summer:

  • Staff is receiving additional training on keeping campers (and themselves) safe during High Temperatures.
  • Studio activities may be modified to reduce physical exertion.
  • Mandatory water breaks will be set to keep campers hydrated – not over-hydrated.
  • We have increased shade cover by installing more tarps and tents. All groups will keep to the shade whenever possible.  Time in the sun will be very limited.
  • Misters have been deployed in two areas.  Cooled water spray bottles will be misted on the back of the neck by staff upon request.
  • Campers and staff will be given frozen/chilled towels to pass out and/or baggies of ice to keep cool after midday.  (Single use only, due to COVID precautions.)
  • Pedialyte popsicles and/or Emergen-C will be available as needed for electrolytes.
  • Sprinklers may be available (for legs only).
  • We will be installing “swamp coolers” in a couple of areas that may need extra cooling.
  • Several existing tents already have extra cooling roof panels.
  • Lights will be kept off when possible.
  • Constant virus-level air filtration will be maintained, as it is also a COVID-19 precaution.

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