Grace Art Camp 2021

In 2021, Grace Art Camp celebrated the ART and Culture of Mexico. The image features talavera tiles from Mexico. UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared the Mexican and Spanish pottery style know as talavera an intangible cultural heritage in late 2019. Tourism Secretary Fabiana Briseño Suárez from the Mexican State of Puebla, said the centuries-old tradition begun in Spain and includes Islamic, Egyptian, Persian, Moroccan and Spanish influences, all of which integrated with the history and art in Mexico after being brought to Mexico during the Spanish conquest.

UNESCO said that although some of the techniques employed to make talavera have [been modernized], such as the use of electric potter’s wheels, the processes of production, decoration and glazing are still artisanal and identical to those practiced in the 16th century.

In addition to the talavera tiles, our banner for ¡Stories from Mexico! Viejo y Nuevo! also include other pieces of Mexican art: a ceramic tree of life, an Aztec calendar, embroidery, a Oaxacan jaguar sculpture, a Huichol bowl, and an Aztec eagle relief sculpture.

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