Bonjou and Byenveni!

LRG-DSC08034-2We are all very excited to be learning about Haiti this summer. Already campers have shared so many interesting things they did not know before this week. Haiti is an island. Haiti shares it with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is only a 2-hour flight from Miami! That Haiti exists! Haiti has more people under the age of 25 than it does over. Haitians speak French and Kreole, and children all over the world, whether they have enough food to eat, or a family, all enjoy belonging to a community, sharing stories, and singing and dancing together!

Today most of the campers will learn to choose two studios each day from 9 studios!  The orange group visits all the studios over the week. Wednesday we will meet Elsy, our Guest Artist this summer. Elsy is a writer and recipe developer, and is very excited to be sharing her flavors and stories from growing up in Haiti.

A few notes about the week:
Please check our regular blog posts for photos and details throughout the week: https://grace-institute.org/ and Instagram for daily tidbits and peeks!

Camp spaces available!
Please pass on to family members and friends that there are still spots available this summer, especially during Weeks 4 and 6.!

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