Week 1 – Fini!


Our first week of camp this summer was  bèl bagay! That’s wonderful, amazing, and cool in Kreole. Each day, the Animation Studio shares the previous day’s projects with the campers – here is the link for the week’s worth of “GACimation” creativity at https://vimeo.com/345376729

Thank you for sharing your children with us or the first week of camp. Be sure to see the photos at the end of this post to wrap up that Week 1 wonder!

Camp Spaces Available!

Due to our new, and not-working-as-well-as-we-hoped electronic waitlist system, there currently are spaces available during Weeks 4 and 6. These are available to everyone –  if you are interested in another week for your camper, register here! 
You can also email the registrar: mariannk@grace-institute.org

Advancing Equity

Grace Art Camp’s cultural focus necessitates that we step up our equity work in as many ways as we can fathom. With many thanks to the dedication of our volunteer Equity Committee, we share with you our approach to this vital and ongoing work: https://grace-institute.org/about-us/

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