Week 1: Krik?

This week we kicked off Grace Art Camp’s 23rd summer! Week 1 is always a bit like getting back on a bicycle – it always comes back to ya! We shook the cobwebs off the ‘ole Grace Art Camp Song, sang the Four R’s of  Community, and dove into stories and making art.

So far, we have danced and sang in Kreole, made felted and paper birds native to the island of Hispaniola, printed jungle leaves, animated chalk drawings, painted self portraits, grew flower Kanaval hats, and SO much more!

Today was especially special with Haitian recess games, singing, and pikleez sandwiches with Elsy Dinvil (writer, cook and GAC Cultural Guest Artist, 2019).

NEWS! Please pass on to family members and friends that there are still spots available this summer, especially during Weeks 4 and 6. Contact the registrar: mariannk@grace-institute.org


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