Piti piti, zwazo fè nich

Little by little, the bird builds its nest.

Like most great proverbs, this Haitian proverb transcends time and humanity. Originally a french proverb that infused itself into Haitian culture, this concept rings true zoologically as well! Every culture stops and watches the bird . . . could this very act be our common thread through each society and even each human being?  That regardless of where we are from, we all intrinsically know that it takes time and effort to find the bits and piece them together one by one. Piti piti, zwazo fè nich.

About the artist – a gardener and horticulturist, Toussaint Saint Pierre started painting in 1972. His work is primarily a communion with birds, plants and flowers. Married to an ‘hounsi’ (one who is associated with a ‘lwa’ or spirit in the spiritual practice of Haitian Vodou) Saint Pierre painted the many birds and ‘lwas’ that would visit his garden.

Camp begins in four weeks and spaces are still available but dont wait too long to sign up your camper(s)!

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