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Barbecue – a gift from Haiti!

Our recent sunny weather brought on the smell of barbecues throughout Portland neighborhoods. So…around the picnic table we found ourselves looking up the etymology of “BBQ” – and guess what?  Its roots are Haitian!

Haitian Home Barbeque

The Taino people, the original residents of the Island of Hispaniola, cooked fish and meat on a wooden lattice and roasted or smoked it over an open fire. They called it a barbacoa.

We are bringing some of that flavor to Grace Art Camp this summer with Cultural Guest Artist, Elsy Dinvil!  Elsy just self-published her first cookbook: Cooking With My Mother.  She will be offering a cooking studio one day a week at camp as well as sharing stories with campers and staff about growing up in Haiti.

Elsy with Plantains

Grace Art Camp – recently voted the best art camp in Portland – still has openings, with the most availability in Weeks 4 and 6!

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