summer camp

week 5 and keeping cool

Art Camp photographer Sonja Bales’s quote for the day: I’ve noticed kids laugh less as it gets hotter. And yet . .. . her pictures speak for themseleves.

Today we heated up Art Camp by just being art camp cool with clay finger puppets, animated floating moon worlds, vintage rice bags,  katagami, kodama (tree spirits), and Japanese fabric patterns in glass. Portland Taiko kept up with us as guest artists in Music & Dance as well as performing after recess. Taiko calls it “perseverance” and that’s what we all did together on this very hot cool day.

Portland Taiko will be part of the annual summertime Obon Festival on Saturday, August 5 from 3-9 pm, at the Oregon Buddhist Temple. The American obon festival is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds with Buddhist rituals, hanging lanterns, food booths and games, music, and bon odori (communal dances encircling a central platform).The bon odori (obon dance) will begin at 7 pm.

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